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Get Beautiful Grass with Lawn Aeration and Seeding

If your lawn has gone brown or has become diseased, it may be time to rely on Triangle Lawn Care of Raleigh. We offer lawn aeration and seeding to give your turf a pick-me-up. Our aeration and seeding service helps even the toughest lawns get their color and grow back even stronger than before!

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Lawn Aeration and Seeding Service in Raleigh

Keeping your lawn healthy year-round can be a challenge. Fortunately, at Triangle Lawn Care, we provide aeration and seeding for warm and cool season turf types to fill in bare spots across your turf and keep your grass growing strong all year long. When visiting your home, our professional lawn technicians use core and/or liquid aeration to get more oxygen, water, and nutrients into the root zone in order to promote healthier grass!

When you partner with us for aeration and seeding in Raleigh and the greater Triangle, you'll get:

  • Stronger and fuller grass across your turf over time.
  • A significant reduction in lawn disease and thatch build-up.
  • Frequent lawn treatment and maintenance with seasonal service.
  • Reduced compaction of soil and grass caused by heavy foot traffic.
  • Increased tolerance to drought and heat over time.
  • A significant reduction in water runoff throughout the year.
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Eco-Friendly Core Aeration and Dethatching

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When servicing your home, we use two methods of treatment. The first is liquid aeration, which creates small fractures within the soil to encourage greater rooting, making nutrients available that were previously unreachable by the plant. The second method of treatment is core aeration, which immediately opens up the soil to air, water, and nutrients for faster results without the use of chemicals.

Our Non-chemical Core Aeration:

  • Best benefits lawns that are affected by heavy foot traffic, excessive thatch coverage (>1 inch thick), or that are grown in heavy soils (clay-dominant soil types)
  • We'll hand-rake areas where the aerator won't fit or there's an excessive build-up of thatch.
  • Is done once a year, during the growing season, which simplifies your treatment plan.
  • Produces quicker results in the short term than liquid aeration.
  • Allows for better water movement and air penetration. 
  • Can be used in conjunction with liquid aeration to promote healthier turf growth and cause deeper nutrient release within your soil.

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Overseeding — Lawn Seeding in Raleigh

Core aeration and overseeding of fescue are recommended to be completed together in the fall. We'll typically overseed the lawn two times and go back over the edges by hand as needed.

What to Expect When We Arrive at Your Home

  • Notification of a three-day window for service at least 1 week prior
  • Core aeration and seeding of fescue
  • Hard raking in areas inaccessible to the aerator or with excessive thatch
  • Twice overseeding of the lawn
  • Hand touch-ups along edges where equipment can't reach or additional seeding is needed
  • Blowing and putting back any customer's items that were moved during service
  • Optional walk-through with customer to ensure satisfaction and provide lawn care tips

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often is aeration recommended?

For most lawn types, aeration should be done once or twice a year; your Triangle Lawn Care technician will let you know what they recommend. Typically, the aeration and overseeding process will occur once in the springtime and once in the fall.

Is mechanical aeration the same thing as core aeration?

Yes, mechanical aeration is the same thing as core aeration.

What's the difference between warm season and cool season grasses?

Cool season grasses stay green until temperatures drop below 32 degrees F for extended periods and can survive subfreezing temperatures. Warm Season Grasses prefer the heat of southern climates. They grow the fastest during the summer, preferring temperatures between 80 and 95 degrees.

When do you do aeration and seeding?

For Bermuda Seeding, if the customer is interested it would be in the late spring or early summer. For Fescue Seeding, it will be in the fall, typically around September through early November, depending on weather conditions. Aeration is applied at least twice per year. Usually in spring and fall.

Which types of grasses do you seed for?

We seed for Bermuda and Fescue grass. 

100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

We are a professional lawn care company in Raleigh that cares about your well-being and peace of mind. So, we aim to provide the best service possible for your complete satisfaction. To ensure this, all of our treatments are environmentally conscious and safe for you and your family. If you are ever unsatisfied with our service, we’ll return and retreat fully, free of cost to you!

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