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Lawn Care in Cary Starting at $46/Month

Your beautiful home can only be improved by a gorgeous lawn to match it. If you want turf that turns heads, look no further than Triangle Lawn Care.

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From our 5 star rating on Google to an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, we have the kind of reputation you are looking for.

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You can rest easy, knowing that we back up our work with our 100% guarantee. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied, we’ll keep working until you are.

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Our SafeLawn™ service is pet-friendly, eco-safe, proven to work, and less toxic than table salt.


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Triangle Lawn Care

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Lawn Care in Cary

We’ve spent 15 years as one of the Triangle’s top-rated service companies, and now we’re extending our commitment to top-notch customer service to lawn care in Cary. Let your friends at Triangle Lawn Care give your lawn a little TLC today!

Cary's Local Lawn Care Company

Is your lawn looking lackluster? Even for the most diligent homeowners, weeds, drought, fertilization issues, and improper watering can damage the health and appearance of your lawn. It can be a challenge to set these issues right without professional assistance. Lucky for you, help is at hand. Here at Triangle Lawn Care, we offer a range of options for lawn care in Cary, so no matter what sort of lawn you have, we have the program for you.

Lawn Care Packages Built for Cary

As a locally-owned company, we believe that each of our customers is worth individualized attention and care. We have created our traditional lawn care plan as well as add-on services to meet the variety of needs your home may be facing:

  • TLC: At just $46 a month, we offer a custom lawn care treatment plan based on a soil test, including lime, weed control, and fertilizing.
  • Add-On Services: Includes grub control, fungicide, nutsedge, core aeration, aeration & seeding, non-selective herbicides, and armyworm treatment.

Get One Free Month with a Lawn Package

What is Liquid Aeration? Do Homes in Cary Need It?

Liquid aeration is an organic treatment process that, over time, allows water and other nutrients to better penetrate your lawn while decreasing thatch buildup on your lawn. From everyday use, like a dog running on your lawn or a lawnmower driving over the soil, soil can become hard and compacted. Compacted soil makes it hard for water and nutrients to work their way into the soil, and roots have a hard time growing deeper. Liquid aeration fixes this. All soil types can become compacted, and yearly aeration services are often recommended. Our team of lawn care professionals in Cary will analyze the condition of your soil and make suggestions on whether or not aeration services is something you should consider. 

Customer-First Lawn Care

Lawn care in Cary is not a one-size-fits-all service. Each lawn has unique needs and every homeowner has a different vision for their landscape. In North Carolina alone, there are over 400 types of soil! Here at TLC, we prioritize customer service above all else in our Cary lawn care services. With us, you’ll not only get more green for your green with our affordable services, but you’ll also get tips and tricks from our trained technicians on how to make the most of our lawn service in Cary. Whether you're looking for lawn care services in Raleigh or Cary, Triangle Lawn Care is here for you! Call us today – your lawn will thank you!

A Gorgeous Lawn – Guaranteed

Here at TLC, we believe that lawn care in Cary should be something you can count on. When you work with us, not only will we help you revitalize your lawn, but we’ll offer you our satisfaction guarantee: if you experience any problems between treatments, just let us know—one of our technicians will be out to set the problem right in no time, and at no additional cost to you. No matter if you're looking for lawn care in Apex or Cary, TLC has you covered! 

Weed Control in Cary

Nothing ruins the hard work of maintaining a healthy lawn like weeds popping up everywhere. Here in North Carolina, our warm climate is the perfect host for a range of weeds, from dandelions to ragweed to dog fennel and more. If you're sick of watching weeds take over your turf, it’s time to call the local experts at Triangle Lawn Care. 

Our affordable weed control in Cary utilizes the best products and techniques to eliminate weeds without harming your lawn. Our 4.9 Google rating is a testament to the quality of our service—service that is backed by our satisfaction guarantee! When you choose us for weed control in Cary, you can expect the following:

  • An inspection to identify what sort of weeds are cropping up on your lawn.
  • A specialized treatment plan designed to meet your turf’s needs.
  • The weed-free lawn you deserve!

When you team up with Triangle Lawn Care to take care of your weeds, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll take care of your weeds and keep your lawn looking great!

Aeration And Seeding In Cary

If your lawn is looking dull, dry, or developing bare patches, it’s likely in need of a reboot—and that's what professional aeration and seeding in Cary can provide. The process of aeration involves creating small holes in the soil and thatch in your turf to help it absorb oxygen and nutrients, leading to healthier turf from the roots up. Here at Triangle Lawn Care, we have a team of trained lawn technicians who can provide quality lawn aeration services and overseeding to strengthen your lawn and promote new growth. If you want to bring out the best in your lawn, we’re here to help.

Liquid Aeration and Core Aeration for A Revitalized Lawn

Liquid lawn aeration and core aeration are the two most common approaches to yard aeration in Cary. Each treatment comes with its own benefits, which is why our team at TLC is here to help you with a thorough consultation to assess your goals for your lawn. Some benefits of each type of yard aeration service include the following:

  • Core aeration: best for lawns experiencing heavy foot traffic, allows for improved water movement and air penetration, produces faster results.
  • Liquid aeration: best for lawns grown in clay soil, can be done any time of year, is longer lasting, does not involve marking sprinklers or cable lines.


Lawn Disease Control In Cary

When disease finds its way into your lawn, it can be quite the conundrum to remedy. How do you know which disease (or diseases!) afflicts your turf? What are the best ways to heal your lawn? Are these methods safe for pets and children?

Don’t worry! We can both answer your questions and solve the problem entirely with our lawn disease services. Our certified lawn technicians are trained to identify lawn ailments and effectively treat them to restore your lawn to lush health.

When you call us for yard disease services, we will:

  • Carefully inspect your yard, identifying diseases.
  • Conduct a soil test so we have the whole picture.
  • Give you a free quote so you know what to expect.
  • Treat your lawn with either granular or liquid disease treatments, depending on the situation.
  • Use family and eco-friendly products that safeguard your family and pets’ health.

You will see a markedly healthier lawn 30-45 days after the initial lawn disease treatment. And if after that, you’re not satisfied, we’ll re-treat your lawn for free! When it comes to lawn disease control in Cary, we aim to do the job right!

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