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Lawn Care in Pittsboro, NC Starting at $46/Month

With over 15 years of experience offering lawn care services in the Triangle, Triangle Lawn Care has the expertise to get you the lawn of your dreams! It's time for you to get the lawn you deserve, contact Triangle Lawn Care for a free lawn inspection today!

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Get the job done right with a company that has a proven track record!

From our 5 star rating on Google to an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, we have the kind of reputation you are looking for.

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We guarantee our work. Period.

You can rest easy, knowing that we back up our work with our 100% guarantee. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied, we’ll keep working until you are.

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We are parents too, we understand the importance of safety!

Our SafeLawn™ service is pet-friendly, eco-safe, proven to work, and less toxic than table salt.


TRUST Triangle Home Services...we cannot be more delighted that we did!

Lawn Care In Pittsboro

Caring for a lawn can be a bigger commitment than most homeowners realize. Turfgrasses after all, can be both needy and temperamental, requiring an expert’s touch to reach their full potential. That’s where we come in! Our lawn care in Pittsboro will give you the lawn you’ve always wanted with dependable services like:

  • Soil testing which lets us get to know your lawn on a molecular level and determine its exact needs. 
  • Lawn weed and pest control to keep destructive critters and aggressive, invasive plants out of your yard for good.
  • Liquid aeration for maximum soil oxygen, hydration, and nutrient levels.
  • And more!

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Safe, Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Products

Too often, professional lawn care relies on harsh chemicals and unsound methods to achieve the results that their clients want. We do things differently, though. Instead of putting your loved ones in harm’s way or using environmentally-irresponsible techniques, our SafeLawn service utilizes only eco-friendly and non-toxic products. Your peace of mind matters to us, so choose the lawn care company that cares and you’ll be thrilled with the results! 

Lawn Services that You Can Depend On

Turning over your lawn to someone else takes both trust and confidence. Here at Triangle Lare, we understand that that’s no small thing and aim to reward your leap of faith with grass that you can be proud of. There’s no need to settle for anything short of your dream lawn and with our industry-leading methods and highly-trained technicians, you’ll never have to again! Sign up today and you can expect:

  • A full lawn inspection from a local expert. 
  • Thoughtful, strategic, and tested lawn treatments that you can count on to deliver. 
  • A science-based approach which helps us develop individualized lawn care plans.
  • Year-round lawn disease prevention
  • Available grub control with select lawn care packages.
  • Reliable plans to suit any budget
  • And much more! 

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Guaranteed Satisfaction - No Matter What

At Triangle Lawn Care, our customers’ happiness means everything to us. That’s why we go above and beyond to back every single service we provide with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If your lawn problems persist once we’ve left or if you’re simply unhappy with our results, just let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make things right

Weed Control In Pittsboro

All year long, you bend over backwards to keep your yard looking its best. Then, along come invasive weeds to undo everything that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Aggressive, stubborn, and opportunistic, weeds can take over your yard in no time when left alone and keeping them at bay can feel like a full time job. That however, is where we can help! At Triangle Lawn Care, our weed control in Pittsboro takes a proactive approach, using industry-best techniques and tools to achieve fast and lasting results every time. When you sign up for our weed removal service today, you can expect: 

  • A full assessment of your yard to determine your exact weed control needs. 
  • A complimentary soil test so we can get to know your lawn on a molecular level.
  • Family-friendly and EPA-approved weed removal products.
  • Year-round service to keep your yard free from invasive plants across all four seasons. 
  • Included grub control to keep your grass healthy.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction. 
  • And much more!

Lawn Disease Control In Pittsboro

It's possible, even when you are giving your lawn the proper care that it needs, for a fungus to invade your lawn and turn it brown. The state-certified lawn disease control experts at Triangle Lawn Care have your back. With our family- and eco-friendly treatments, your lawn will quickly be on the mend to vibrantly green and healthy in no time.

Our lawn disease services in Pittsboro include:

  • A comprehensive lawn inspection to determine the extent of your problem.
  • A free soil test to distinguish the underlying cause.
  • Treatment with effective granular or liquid lawn fungicides, based on our analysis results.
  • Noticeable improvement in your lawn’s appearance 30-45 days after your first lawn disease treatment.
  • Long-term turf disease prevention.
  • A guaranteed disease-free lawn!

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